It's nice to see home values going up in East Texas, but we all know a lot of that has to do with supply and demand. It's not shocking to anyone here in East Texas that the area we call home is becoming more populated but there are specific areas that seem to have home prices that are rising drastically. All home owners want to know if their home prize is skyrocketing right now, which lead us to creating a list of the top 10 areas in East Texas with the fastest growing home prices.

The details regarding the fast growing home prices were looked at by Slacker, and while you can expect to see Tyler make that list it's very interesting to see how many smaller towns made this list as well. It's pretty clear that many people are wanting to give up the big city life and find a more peaceful way of life in rural East Texas. But that also means our smaller towns could be growing in population rather quickly.

If You're Looking for a Real Estate Investment Property in East Texas You Should Look Closely at These Areas

This list was created by looking at cities in the Zillow Home Values Index and seeing which ones increased the most. All of the information below was collected in July of 2021, so it's fairly recent information.

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Did Your City Make the List of the Fastest Growing Home Prices in East Texas?

Before you plan on cashing in on your home, remember you have to figure out another place to live and East Texas still has reasonable home prices. Enough talking about it, let's look at the areas with the fastest growing home prices.

Top 10 Areas in East Texas With the Fastest Growing Home Prices

Here is where the home prices are jumping up the fastest in East Texas

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