Yesterday, I wrote an article about a business here in East Texas that is requiring their employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine. My goal of the article was to see if people were changing their spending habits depending on if a business is enforcing a vaccine mandate. It's not shocking to anyone that Texans stand firm in their beliefs and don't have a problem sharing how they feel. There were people supporting the business for trying to keep the community safe, while others believe the idea of a mandate is just dumb. While I didn't think it really mattered to mention the business, Toyota of Longview has now decided to make a statement regarding their vaccine mandate.

You can read the whole statement below as it was posted to the Toyota of Longview Facebook page but what I found most important was the following:

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adopted numerous procedures to reduce the risk of our associates and our customers. To continue to reduce the risk to our associates customers and community we did indeed mandate a vaccine for our associates. We lost 8% of our workforce with no hard feelings, all are eligible for rehire, and we wish them well with all future endeavors."

Who Made the Statement by Toyota of Longview Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines?

The statement was issued by President, Greg Michelsen. I applaud Greg for his response, I'm sure making this decision wasn't easy and no matter what he decided, there were going to be negative comments online.

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Read the Complete Statement Issued by Toyota of Longview Below

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