This has to be one of the most tragic events I've heard of in a long time as one family in Henderson County will have to bury an 8-year-old kid after he was killed by a stray bullet on Saturday evening.

The night started out with multiple kids having lots of fun together including a 14-year old, 8-year-olds, and a 7-year old. According to KETK, it was around 6:20 pm that Henderson County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched to a call near County Road 2911 where an 8-year-old had been shot in the head.

After arriving on scene one Henderson County Sheriff found the three kids, they were there home alone, and all admit to hearing a gun shot prior to the 8-year-old collapsing. Reports are saying that the victim was on the back porch of the house when a stray bullet came from a wooded area and hit the child in the back of the head.

The Child Was Immediately Flown to a Dallas Hospital

After police realized how severe the injuries were to the 8-year-old he was taken to Children's Hospital in Dallas where he died from his injuries. There will be an autopsy conducted on the child. Police did search the area in which the other boys say the shot was came from but couldn't find anyone or anything relating to the shooting.

A Search Warrant Was Issued for the Home

Henderson County Judge, Scott McKee issued a search warrant for the property hopefully they find more clues regarding the shooter in this horribly tragic incident. As more details become available we will be sure to update you on this story.

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