Real estate prices across Texas have been skyrocketing lately, really it has been happening across the country but especially here in Texas. It's ridiculous how much home values have gone up lately. Obviously, when looking for a home people want to purchase something nice, but have to stay within a comfortable price range for their budget. Which is why I wanted to find the cheapest home for sale in Texas.

After searching through various websites, I found that had a home and piece of property for sale with some photos and the purchase price was only $10,000. The home is found in Sweetwater, Texas and comes with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. Plus the purchase price includes another quarter acre property also in Sweetwater at 103 Beryle Street. From previous experience having only one bathroom isn't preferred but when it works with your budget you make sacrifices.

More Information on the $10,000 Property and House For Sale in Sweetwater

The address is 307 Canfil Street in Sweetwater, the house sits on a quarter acre, and the house is 1,316 square feet. The additional property is another quarter acre in Sweetwater currently with a mobile home on it but it might be best to tear it down as the house is quite dated according to the listing.

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The Asking Price is $10,000 But You Might Get It For Much Cheaper

While the list price for the two properties being bundled together is $10,000 you could probably get a deal on these places. The price has already been dropped by $9,000. and the listing says the seller is considering all reasonable offers.

Before making an offer, you might want to check out these photos to see if you're willing to put in the effort to clean them up a bit:

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