It took me a few minutes to figure out what exactly happened here in this particular case but I quickly figured out that this is the kind of stuff you used to see in cartoons back in the day.

Apparently, the Tyler Police Department, as part of their "#FindEmFridays" series on Facebook, posted about a thief who, with all due respect, used an old school dirty trick to make off some stuff that doesn't belong to him.

If you have a few minutes, scroll down with for a second and let's take a look at the play by play analysts, at least from MY perspective.

Tyler PD

According to Tyler PD, the wanted individual seen in the photo above used a 2x4 wood plank to prevent a repair man from exiting the building he was in while he helped himself to his tools.

By the look of the guy, he's a "handyman" of some sort by the look of his utility belt so this is pretty dirty of the dude to steal from another guy that's working hard to feed his family.

Tyler PD

The incident took place in the 3800 block of Troup Highway. The alleged thief left the scene in a busted hatchback that's kind of hard to make out what make and model it is.

Tyler PD

Maybe he needs the tools to fix his bucket but if you have information that can help the Tyler Police Department catch this dude, please contact Det. Dickerson at 903-533-2088 or call Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.

Tyler's Most Wanted Suspects


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