A Tyler family allegedly found a dangerous surprise in it's Taco Bell order!

Credit: EastTexasMatters.com

William Ratcliff of Tyler says that his family saw a yellow box cutter on top of his order in his to-go bag from Taco Bell, according to EastTexasMatters.com. The family had stopped by the Taco Bell on Troup Highway in Tyler. He said they went back to the Taco Bell to alert the staff and he claims the manager wasn't exactly worried about the box cutter.

"So I asked her to bring it back to Taco Bell, talk to the manager about it and she brought it back and they seemed to be more concerned about was the food good, was it correct, things like that. Not the fact that there was a dangerous, hazardous item placed in the bag. I'm just concerned that there's something put into place that that won't happen again, because like I said, a small child could have gotten ahold of it, you never know what could have happened." ~ EastTexasMatters.com

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