Every Friday on Facebook, The City Of Tyler Police Department posts photos and videos of wanted criminals as part of its #FindEmFriday series and I don't know if I ever said it before but I'm a HUGE fan of whoever runs that page because I appreciate the snarky descriptions of the offenders.

It was an especially busy week in the city because there were lots of posts including the fascinating case of what I'm calling "The Dippin Dots Desperado" who pulled off a daring "Mission Impossible" like caper to obtain some frozen treats and a TLC song reference in another case.

The Dippin Dots Desperado apparently dropped down from a hole in the ceiling at the Broadway Square Mall and grabbed a bag of dots then climbed back up and out of the spot while sucking on a lollipop. I'm not even mad, I'm actually quite impressed but unfortunately his ninja warrior skills were wasted on a crime and you should contact Tyler PD if you see him.

Next, we have a "scrub" who used a stolen credit card to get gas and Tyler PD used the classic TLC track "No Scrubs" to let you know that they are looking for him.

And finally, another weird story of someone using a fire extinguisher to break into someone's apartment on Highway 31. But before he could finish the job he was confronted by a resident of the complex. Instead of immediately leaving, buddy took the extinguisher and sprayed it into the broken window. Why? Who knows, maybe that's his "calling card" like "The Wet Bandits".

If you have information that can help Tyler PD catch these weirdos alleged criminals, contact Tyler-Smith County Crime Stoppers at 903-597-2833.


Tyler's Most Wanted Suspects

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