Could you imagine getting in trouble for all of the mistakes that you have made, especially when you were in high school? For many people reading this article social media wasn’t around or was just gaining popularity, so photos and videos weren’t being shared so much. But it’s my own personal opinion that when dealing with high school kids that make a mistake, we need to lean more on making them do community service and not give them a felony charge. 

I’m talking specifically about the 65 students that have been charged with a felony after bringing a THC vape to campus within the Tyler ISD according to CBS 19. Just think about that, you make a dumb decision in high school that then makes it difficult to find a job or makes it more difficult to get into college. These minors need to understand that there are consequences to their actions but a felony charge before leaving high school seems a bit extreme to me. 

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Students With Tobacco Products Don’t Receive Felonies 

If students are caught with an e-cigarette or tobacco products, they get a Class C misdemeanor and fine up to $100. Those students will also have to attend the Discipline Alternative Education Program. To me that all makes sense, the punishment fits the crime.  

A Felony Charge Before Leaving High School is Difficult to Overcome 

Having to explain a felony on your record as you’re just beginning life as an adult seems like a tough penalty for these kids in our community who make a dumb decision. I think we need to load them up with hundreds of hours of community service to make them realize how bad of a decision they made. What do you think? I would love to hear your opinion in the comment section. 

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