We could argue all day about the history and the story behind the creation of "Thanksgiving" but the "meaning" of the upcoming holiday should be something we strive for in our daily lives: To show gratitude for the blessings you have and to be willing to offer up kindness in return.

I celebrated my birthday this weekend by doing something I've done before for my listeners in Central Texas and I wanted to do again for you, my new East Texas family, for your support over the last year. Yall have been so kind and nice to me and my family that since I've been blessed with so much, I hope this little gesture in return can be a blessing to some folks.


So when my friend Daryl L. Davis with Continuing Faith In Christ Ministries reached out to me and told me that his organization along with God’s Amazing Grace Outreach Ministries and Rudy's BBQ were doing a turkey distribution drive this year, I asked if I could help out and donate turkeys of my own to give away for my birthday and they were kind enough to include me.


Mr. Davis and the various groups received 20 plus turkeys that were cooked and smoked by the John and the crew at Rudy's BBQ in Tyler and on this past Saturday, we distributed those cooked turkeys. Once those were gone, we were about to pass out about dozen more frozen turkeys. About 30 plus families will have a great Thanksgiving without the stress.


Gotta shout out my little helpers!

As part of my "Birthday Turkey Giveaway", I selected 5 listeners who registered HERE for a chance to get blessed with a bird and here are some of the folks:

Shoutout my Birthday Twin Shundra Woods!


Thank you to everyone that pulled up and our apologies if we couldn't get you what you needed but good news, I still have a few frozen birds left so enter now for a chance to get hooked up.


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