As I saw the details released by the Smith County Sheriff’s Office on this particular case my jaw-dropped. It’s just shocking to me that a parent would put their child in a situation like this, as 40-year-old Nathaniel Lee Davis is now wanted by the sheriff’s office in Tyler, Texas. The charge that Davis is facing is very serious as he delivered a controlled substance to a minor, but as you will read there is even more to the story. 

The Smith County Sheriff’s Office reports that Davis fictitiously filed a report on Thursday, March 31st. After further investigation it was determined that he actually provided a controlled substance to his own 11-year-old son.  

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Before this incident and these charges, Davis is known for having an extensive criminal history. Some of his previous charges include Assault family violence, escape, evading, numerous possession charges, and resisting arrest. With a history such as this it is even more important that law enforcement captures Davis quickly. 

Details Regarding Wanted Suspect Nathaniel Davis in Tyler, Texas 

Smith County Sheriffs have released that his home address is 1517 East Dawson. Both him and his girlfriend Kimberly work at the Staybridge Suites located at 2759 Mcdonald Road in Tyler, Texas. Obviously, law enforcement has been watching both places but still can’t seem to find Nathaniel Davis.  

Suspect Nathaniel Davis Knows He is Wanted by Police 

Deputies attempted to serve a warrant for Davis last Friday, April 22nd but were never able to locate Davis to take him into custody. The Smith County Sheriff’s Office is now asking for assistance from the public to locate Nathaniel Davis. If you know where he is located, please call Detective Aaron Winton at (903)566-6600 or email

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