With reports of many Texans receiving extraordinary light bills and pushes for utility companies to show some thought and compassion to Texans recovering from the winter storm and furthermore, stressed over the pandemic, the City Of Tyler will be giving residents much needed relief.

According to a press release we received from Adriana Rodriguez with The City Of Tyler Communications Office, Tyler Water Utilities will delay disconnections for two months and will not be charging late fees or disconnect fees to assist those affected by last week's winter storm. If you're behind on your water bill, this would be a perfect time to get caught up on it!

And there's more good news for customers who experienced a leak as a result of the winter storm. They may also be eligible for a leak credit through Tyler Water Utilities. If a resident experiences a larger-than-usual bill as a result of a leak or main break on their property, they can apply to Tyler Utilities leak credit program for a credit to their account.

Normally, the leak credit is used for hard-to-identify leaks (leaks that a customer may not be aware of until they receive a larger-than-usual bill). Tyler Water Utilities is expanding this program to include leaks that occurred as a result of the storm. Credits will vary depending on the customer’s rate group and gallons lost.

Contact the Water Business Office to Request a Leakage Credit Form at (903) 531-1230.

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