Hurricane Harvey has arguably become the worst rainfall disaster in US history leaving a path of catastrophic damage to many Texans along the Gulf Coast.  While many have found shelter in Houston, a lot of people have recently found refuge right here in East Texas. I dropped in at Faulkner Park to say hi and welcome them to Tyler.

Shawn Knight

Tyler Police substation in Faulkner Park 574 W. Cumberland Road set up a center where many Texans have traveled to receive assistance from Hurricane Harvey.  The Tyler Police along with volunteers were on hand welcoming evacuees and getting them registered with FEMA and providing local assistance during their stay in Tyler.

The Tyler Salvation Army began receiving families as early as Sunday and by Thursday - Salvation Army Texas has served 81,710 meals, 44,922 snacks, and 63,724 drinks statewide in response to Hurricane Harvey.

Also, local Dominos restaurant was on site as driver Tiffany Trapp delivered over 15 hot pizzas and other meals for incoming evacuees. Dominos General Manager Chris Simmons at the 5371 Broadway location said:

A lot of people have been devastated by the hurricane so I felt I needed to at least give them a hot meal, to give them a little comfort and I'll even deliver more later on tonight.

Evacuees can go to the disaster assistance government website to register for FEMA and obtain a temporary housing assistance voucher to use at FEMA-approved Tyler hotels. A list of hotels that are registered with FEMA can be found here..

Shawn Knight

Poet and Author Maya Angelou once said, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”.  I am beyond glad and thankful that East Texas came together to help our fellow human beings in their time of need.

Let’s continue to pray for our fellow Texans and anyone else who has been affected by Hurricane Harvey.