US Rep. Elijah Cummings has died.


His office released a statement saying that he died from "complications of longtime health challenges," according to He passed away early this morning (October 17) in Baltimore. Cummings had been a U.S. Representative for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District since 1996. He had recently been central in the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump.

"Cummings’ long career spanned decades in Maryland politics. He rose through the ranks of the Maryland House of Delegates before winning his congressional seat in a special election in 1996 to replace former Rep. Kweisi Mfume, who left the seat to lead the NAACP. Cummings chaired the Congressional Black Caucus from 2003 to 2004."

He was a staunch supporter of Barrack Ombama's presidential bid. He spent his career fighting for residents of the inner-city, low-income constituents, people living with addictions and AIDS.

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