I’m not sure what it’s going to take for people to understand the consequences of drinking and driving but it continues to be a real problem in East Texas, as it is in many places across the country. But there was a recent story out of Coffee City, Texas that I had to share with you and of course this has to do with a woman drunk behind the wheel of her vehicle. 

The information was shared on Facebook by the Coffee City Texas Police Department regarding a woman by the name of Wendy Ray. The resident of Tyler, Texas pulled into a closed business off Hwy 155 a little after midnight. At the business during that time was an off-duty Coffee City, Texas officer and two employees who approached the vehicle to see if the occupant needed assistance.  

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The Next Part is No Laughing Matter 

When she was approached inside of her vehicle Ray admitted while laughing that she was drunk and lost. After a short conversation with her the off-duty officer was able to contact two officers that were on duty at the time. Lieutenant L. Hicks and Officer A. McCord responded to the scene and took the suspect into custody before she could get back on the road and put lives in danger.  

Let This Be a Lesson for Everyone 

While all suspects are innocent until proven guilty, hopefully someone learns from this lapse in judgement and chooses to not drink and drive in the future. One time could cost you your life or your freedom, it’s just not worth it. There are so many ways to get home from a rideshare app, calling a friend or family member, or even posting on social media. Don’t drink and drive, the consequences could be deadly. 

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