We’re all going to have a difference of opinion when it comes to whether a building looks good or it’s more of an eye sore. There are so many different buildings in all different shapes and colors but there was a website recently that made a list of the ‘Most Unsightly’ basically calling it the ugliest building in the state of Texas. And to make things worse, the list counted down from 50 to 1 and the unsightly Texas building came in at number four. 

I’m fortunate enough to say that I have never visited this building in Texas before whether it was for business or pleasure. The reason I say I am fortunate for that fact is because the website A Lot Travel named the Austin Courthouse as the most unsightly building in the state of Texas. 

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What Did They Expect With a Courthouse? 

The website explained what we already know and that is, everything is bigger in Texas. But that is when they took a dig at the Austin Courthouse calling the building a big fail. Construction on the building began in 2009 and while architects seem to love the building many people don’t see any sort of beauty when looking at the building. 

Remember It’s a Courthouse 

What this website needs to understand is that this is a courthouse not a playground or Art Museum. But I guess they had to find some building and takes some shots at it when putting together a list like this. According to their list the ‘most unsightly’ building in the country is The Kaden Tower in Louisville, Kentucky. 

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