I've always been one of those people that encouraged others to do whatever makes them happy as long as it doesn't negatively affect others. Life can be difficult so whatever makes you smile do more of that. Which is why I bought this pineapple shirt before going on vacation in Mexico. I love the fruit pineapple, so I bought the shirt, but I had no idea that pineapple or upside down pineapple had a different meaning.

There are somethings in life that you just never learn about, one of those things for me was learning what an upside down pineapple means. Before that trip to Puerto Vallarta I had no idea that an upside down pineapple signified that a couple is into a swinging lifestyle. As you can imagine as I was drinking all-inclusive drinks I almost choked on my margarita as I learned something completely unexpected like this.

If This Is Your Thing, More Power To You

Please know that the reason I am writing this is to inform people like myself who have been living under a rock and never knew that an upside down pineapple had a different meaning. Again, if this is something you're into, make yourself happy. It was a shock to me and I think from now on I will not be purchasing any pineapple clothing.

The Specific Details on How I Found Out

Yes... there was a couple that approached my wife and I at an all-inclusive resort while in Mexico. While it was very nice of the couple to approach us about something like that we politely declined the invitation.

Did you know what an upside down pineapple means before reading this?

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