Its been said that everyone will get their "15 minutes of fame" at some point in their lives but I like to think in the current social media age those 15 minutes are more like 15 seconds. Even still, that hasn't stopped folks from going out of their way to be seen.

We're still a few months away from Christmas but the holidays came early to Austin over the weekend, the only problem is somebody should have told "Santa" that running on the field in the middle of a University of Texas Longhorns game, whether you're bearing gifts or not, would lead to you having a holly jolly time in the slammer for a few hours. Let's go to the tape courtesy of KVUE.

This past Saturday during the Longhorns 70-35 beatdown win over the Texas Tech Red Raiders, a man dressed in a full Santa suit, beard and all, ran onto the field during the second half of the game.

While we don't know if this was a publicity stunt or just a random dude looking for his "15 seconds of fame", the security at DKR let him get a few laps in to tire himself out. After putting a good juke move on one security guard he finally dove into the endzone but not before being met by a couple of defenders.

Can we enact a rule that allows the players to lay down a hit to anyone on the field like this video shows?

Since you wanna be IN THE GAME, you get to FEEL the game too. Just stay in your damn seat and enjoy the game folks.


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