Walmart is known for rolling back prices on certain items in their store.  Now the superstore will start offering their employees help in getting an affordable college degree, which is a step above from previous experiences where the company has helped employees get high school or other equivalency degrees.

KCTV News report, American’s largest private employer’s goal is to get and keep quality entry-level employees.  They are teaming up with Denver based startup Guild Education to give their employees the chance to get a bachelor’s degree in business or supply-chain management at the cost of $1 a day at one of the three nonprofit universities with online programs:  The University of Florida, Brandman University, and Bellevue University

Walmart will also offer college-prep classes for their employees who need extra assistance and will subsidize the cost of books, and fees while eliminating the need for student loans.  Employees who have been on the job for 90 days and working full or part-time qualify.