We've seen our share of "life hacks" across the internet. Most you see you're like, "Dude! Why didn't think of that!" Others are like "Umm. Why?" TikTok user, khaby.lame, takes the "Umm. Why?" reaction to a whole new level.

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User, khaby.lame, has taken to TikTok to call out some of his young brethren for taking the long way to accomplish something very simple and try to label it as a life hack. For instance, we see someone using an unnecessary contraption to pull the stalk out of a cherry. khaby.lame responds with just simple picking up the cherry and pulling it out.

Another a woman is seen peeling a cucumber with her teeth. khaby.lame responds by using the much more convenient vegetable peeler to accomplish the feat.

What makes these videos laugh worthy is his dry facial expressions when he shows the proper solution to the "life hack." khaby.lame has several other very funny videos on his TikTok page. Check out some of the best of him making fun of TikTok "life hacks" below.

@khaby.lameLol ‍♂️ ##learnfromkhaby ##LearnWithTikTok ##ImparaConTikTok♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

@khaby.lame Don’t joke with the food bro!. Non giocare con il cibo bro! ##learnfromkhaby ##LearnWithTikTok ##ImparaConTikTok ♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

@khaby.lameLet’s eat But I don't like seeing you make your life harder. Mangiamo ma non mi piace che ti complichi la vita.##learnfromkhaby ##LearnWithTikTok♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

@khaby.lame Chill please! I’m relaxing ##learnfromkhaby ##LearnWithTikTok ##ImparaConTikTok ♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

@khaby.lameYour dentist is waiting you Il tuo dentista ti sta aspettando ##learnfromkhaby ##LearnWithTikTok ##ImparaConTikTok♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

@khaby.lame Gracias Por Tu Ayuda Hermano @paulodybala! Grazie per il tuo aiuto fratello @paulodybala ##DYBALA ##learnfromkhaby ##learnfromtiktok ##euro2020 ♬ suono originale - Khabane lame

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