As a new resident to East Texas, I've been on just about every real estate listing site available searching for a home to buy or rent. There are a lot of great options that fit into MY meager price range but every once in awhile, like you, I wonder off into searching for things that are REALLY outside of price range because its okay to dream sometimes.

So while I was looking around on Zillow, I came across what could possibly be the most expensive home for sale in Tyler right now and since I'm poor (so are most of you) allow me to be your Robin Leach and take you inside this beautiful mansion which will only cost you about $3.35 MILLION Dollars! You got that right?


Built in 2015, this 4 bedroom, 7 bathroom palace is a spacious 8,000 plus square feet that sits on 70 acres across from Lake Tyler. It has 3 living areas including a study and media room, large outdoor living & dining areas featuring full kitchen, bath & fireplace, a pool PLUS an additional oversized shop and guest house/office with kitchenette & bath.

15141 Eastside Rd In Tyler


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