Even as I was writing the headline to this article, I realize this is the most first world problem ever. But last week the Houston Texans had a clever idea to increase jersey sales when they held a jersey exchange offering fans up to a 44% discount if they were interested in trading in a former players jersey for a new one. It’s a great marketing strategy, but also made me think about what I am going to do with old jersey’s hanging up in my closet. 

We all have favorite players and favorite teams but, in the end, professional sports are a business, which means players are going to be traded or released and will most likely find a new team. Which then leaves us fans with jerseys for a player that is no longer on the team. These jerseys aren’t cheap so throwing away an expensive piece of clothing doesn’t sound great. Which again brings up the question, what do you do with this jersey when the player isn’t on the team anymore? 

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You Can Still Wear a Former Player’s Jersey 

I’m frugal (cough...cheap... cough) so going out to buy another jersey after a player is traded or released isn’t an option that I love, but it’s still an option after you decided on a new jersey you would want. Although you could just continue wearing that jersey and live in those old glory days, but then you also could see that player lining up against your team which is always a bit strange. 

Do You Donate Jersey’s Like All Other Clothing? 

Whenever you clean out your closet you end up donating clothing, do you donate jersey’s the same way? Again, that’s tough for me because jerseys are so expensive. What do you do with old professional sports jerseys? 

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