The season is over for the Real Housewives of Atlanta and the first reunion show kicked off ... literally! 

This entire season, Kenya has been more outspoken than ever. I wondered in the beginning if she has a chip on her shoulder. She is one of those people who you just have to ignore. On the other hand, Porsha, former wife of ex-NFL player Kordell Stewart, has been just a hot mess, in my opinion.

Last night on the first installment of the three-show reunion, Porsha totally lost control of herself and grabbed Kenya by the hair and drug her to the ground. She was petty gangsta with it, too.

I have heard some say Kenya should not have had all the props on stage or referred to Porsha as a garden tool. Come on people, all season, everyone has called Kenya all kinds of names, but she never went gangsta on anyone.

Check out the clip below and take the poll. Which team are you on? Team Kenya or Team Porsha?