Have you ever wondered why wearing green on St. Patrick's day is such a big deal? I mean, there isn't another day in the whole year where if you don't wear a specific color you get pinched. I did a little bit of research to find out the origins of both of these crazy traditions.

In the 17th century, it wasn't the color green that was associated with St. Patrick's Day, but the color blue. The color changed to green for a number of reasons. Green is one of the colors in Ireland’s flag, and and Ireland is often referred to as the “Emerald Isle,”  named for its lush green landscape. Green is also the color of the shamrock, which is associated greatly with the holiday.

If you don't wear green on St. Patty's, you better watch out. Back in the 1700's people who forgot to wear green started to get pinched by their peers. Why? Because legend has it that if you wear green on that day, you are invisible to the leprechauns and fairies. If you forgot to wear green, they could see you and would pinch you because you were the only thing visible. Peers started pinching those who forgot to wear green as a warning that the leprechauns could see them and would sneak up on them.

Today St. Patty's Day is really just an excuse to drink beer and wear green. Not to mention giving people a reason to go around and pinch people. Don't forget to check out our list of St. Patrick's Day parties in East Texas.

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