It’s what dreams are made of, it’s why so many of us spend a few dollars on lottery tickets. In hopes of hitting that jackpot just one time in our life so we never have to work again. But the odds are a little better for this jackpot as it’s a Texas lottery jackpot not nationwide like the Powerball or Mega Millions jackpots. The Lotto Texas jackpot for the drawing coming up on Saturday is currently at $53 million dollars! 

If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you enjoy playing the lottery and praying that one day you will hold in your hand that winning ticket. And I have to admit I am one of those players too, while I understand that the odds aren’t exactly in my favor, if I don’t play, I have zero chance of winning that money.  

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How Much Would You Really Get If You Win the Texas Lottery Jackpot? 

The total amount is $53 million but that is if you take the payments spread out, if you decide you want the lump sum payout the amount would be $31.4 million dollars. For most people that would be more than enough money to retire and never have to work again.  

Would You Quit Your Job If You Won the Jackpot? 

As much as I love my job it would be difficult to wake up at 3:40am if I had over 31 million dollars in the bank. I would probably donate my time to help animals in shelters, but I do love my job so staying on part-time would probably be a fun opportunity to explore. What about you? Would you work if you won the jackpot this weekend?  

How To Protect Yourself And Your Money If You Win The Lottery

Whether you've recently won the lottery (or are planning to!), there are some things you should do right away to protect not only yourself but also your money. 

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