Jazmine Sullivan told us that she would bust the windows out your car and a woman in Nacogdoches busted the windows, headlights and the man with a baseball bat allegedly. Can you imagine being so mad that you actually pick up a baseball bat and not only destroy someone's property but beat them with the bat too? Or, let's try the flipside, what if you were the person on the receiving end of all of that fury? That is what happened in Nacogdoches Sunday night.

I am not sure what caused Turkassa Marie Walla Henderson to flip out on the unnamed male victim but whatever he did I am sure he will never try that foolishness again. Allegedly Turkassa beat the man with a baseball bat causing non-life threatening injuries then took it out on his vehicle too. She allegedly caused extensive damage to the car by busting out the vehicle's headlights, windshield and side windows. After all of this happened the victim somehow made it to the corner store and called 911.

When officers arrived on the scene to take the report from the victim, Turkassa was so bold to show up at the convenience store and walk in to do some shopping as if it was business as usual.  The victim alerted police that she was the perpetrator and they arrested Turkassa on the scene. She is currently being held in the Nacogdoches County Jail on a second-degree felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge and a Class A  criminal mischief between $750 and $2,500 charge.


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