As if you need another example as to why you shouldn't cheat on your spouse, we're giving you one anyway. We're sure that any of the three people in this video would tell you not to do it. And they won't need any explanation, all you need to do is watch.

In what could be considered a real life soap opera, a couple in Brazil had a fall out when the husband found another mans shirt in their home. As the couple argue from the balcony, the "cheatee" is seen trying to escape from the window next door. It looks like he didn't have enough time to grab his clothes before he left. Unfortunately for him, someone caught it all on camera.

Chances are that if you get caught with another persons spouse, there wont be a fire truck and a comfortable landing for you. But in today's world, don't be surprised if someone is there with a camera and you end up on YouTube.

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