Since Terror Nights Haunted House was such an iconic cornerstone of Halloween in Tyler, Texas, Wild Card Entertainment purchased the former Terror Nights Haunted House prior to haunt season in 2016. That's only the first of some great news for Tyler in the fall.

We wanted to purchase an established haunt. Since Terror Nights has been the scariest haunt in East Texas since 2008 we were excited to purchase her.

One partner said to another partner, "Wanna buy a haunt? It will be fun!" Then they named her World of Khaos Thrill Park because the 33,000 square feet of random haunt matter throughout their 5 warehouses was incredibly 'Khaotic'.

Imagine their surprise when they also learned the business came with about 8 spirits. So far so good. They seem to like us, well one doesn't like Charles too much, but that's another story they'll share with you when you're there!

Photos from World of Khaos Thrill Park

World of Khaos Thrill Park is expected to be bigger and better than anything we've seen before.

This year they're planning an attraction called Blackwater Bayou - a Voodoo haunt with a couple of quarreling Voodoo Queens. It is guaranteed to make you scream and jump. A lot. They'll also have a rather unique chainsaw crew that have really cool plans for Friday the 13th and Halloween night. Trust us, you won't want to miss these two incredibly creepy nights!

Photos from World of Khaos Thrill Park

They're also offering their version of an incredibly demented KarnEvil. We thought with all the clown shows and movies going on, why not show just how psychotic we make our special carnies. We do hope you make it out!

Come on out, they definitely have something for every phobia!

Photos from World of Khaos Thrill Park

If you're interested, you can stay up-to-date with World of Khaos Thrill Park through their Facebook page. The venue opens Thursday, September 28 from 7-10:30 pm and you can find their weekend schedule here.

Security will be tight through Elite Security, attraction monitors, and lots of cameras. Since this is a terrifying adventure, they ask children be at least 10 years of age to go through with an adult.

Other additions to the biggest haunt in our area include food vendors, fortune tellers, and even zombie character drawings from an incredible artist. There will even be a profession photo area where you can get photos made with some of your favorite actors.

Also, if you are above the age of 18 and think you might have haunting in your blood, why not inquire about joining the family?

Happy haunting kiddies!

Photos from World of Khaos Thrill Park

Contributed in part by Laney Bowdoin.