First, congratulations to Patrick and Brittany Mahomes on their new baby boy, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III. This is very exciting news for the Whitehouse, Texas natives and most East Texans love to keep up on how the growing family is doing and continuing to see their success. They have both built successful careers and have a beautiful family.  

So, my wife Savannah was born in Kansas City, so she is a huge Chiefs fan and loves to keep up on the whole Mahomes family through social media. She especially loves their two dogs Steel and Silver. One of the pups is a Pit Bull the other is a Cane Corso, and yes, they even have their own Instagram account. The photos they post are adorable. 

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Have You Noticed the Theme in the Mahomes Names Yet? 

Patrick and Brittany have steel and silver, their first daughter is named Sterling, and now we have Bronze. It seems as though they are sticking with names that have to do with precious metals.  

Guessing Next Baby or Dog Names For Patrick and Brittany Mahomes 

While I have no connection to the celebs myself, I am pretty sure the next addition to their family whether it’s a pet or another child will be Copper. Now obviously, this is a complete guess on my part but it does stick with the theme of names so far in their family. What do you think will be the next name picked out by Patrick and Brittany Mahomes? 

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