OMG!  I have found the perfect Valentine's day gift.....for myself.

Red Lobster is daring you lovers to step your game up and do something out of the ordinary this Valentine's Day!

While most are going down to the wire looking for the perfect gift for their Valentine I will be heading over to the Tyler Red Lobster 1500 WSW Loop 323 and receive a gift that will truly warm my heart and most importantly "my stomach."

According to CBS Austin, for a limited time you can get your Valentine a heart shaped box filled with their popular Cheddar Bay Biscuits.

Sali Setta, who is the President and CCO of Red Lobster said in a statement,

Whether it’s a savory surprise for your sweetheart or a well-deserved treat just for you, Cheddar Bay Biscuits are the way to everyone’s heart this Valentine’s Day.

I couldn't agree with her more as I'm imaging the warm and fuzzy feeling I will have once receiving this gift of love.

You can place your order for the half dozen Cheddar Bay Biscuits on Monday (February 10th)  by clicking here.  You can either pick it up or if you want to show off in front of your co-workers have it delivered.

If you really want to impress you Valentine, the heart shaped box can also be available as an add-on to any Cheddar Biscuit To Go order for an additional $1 while supplies last.

Remember fellas, "You gotta risk it, to get the BISCUIT!"


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