If you are traveling to New York anytime soon from Texas you could be paying a BIG fine if you don't give your contact information at the airport.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo made the announcement on Monday (July 13th) that visitors coming from high COVID-19 infections would have to fill out a form providing their contact information before they leave the airport or they will possibly face a fine per Newsday.

How much of a fine?  How about a $2,000 fine!

If don't matter if you are coming by train, car, or other form of transportation you must fill out a form online or face the consequences as he imposed a two-week quarantine on travelers coming from 19 states of high COVID-19 infections

Some of those states including Texas are our neighboring state Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, California just to name a few.

Governor Cuomo said in a statement and you can see the video starting at the 33:30 mark,

You must give officials at the airport your form as to where you came from and where you are going before you leave the airport.


Governor Cuomo isn't the only authority figure making 14-day quarantines as the Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot has issued a mandatory 14-day quarantine for any Texan traveling to the city of Chicago which has went into effect on Monday (July 6th) per NBC Chicago.

Are you still traveling during COVID-19?  What do you think about the travel ban placed on our state?

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