The holiday season is here and with many individuals like myself who hasn't bought a Christmas tree you it could cost you a little more at the checkout.

According to Fox News, sources predict there will be a shortage of Christmas trees this year, which will cause the prices to rise.

Reasons being from the the dry and hot summers of 2017-18 which has damaged a lot of trees in Oregon and North Carolina, not to mention heavy rains through the last year damaged the trees supply in Missouri.

Also, the recession from 2008 could come into a factor as people purchased fewer trees, which caused farmers to plan fewer trees for the upcoming years.

Kathy Kogut, who is the executive director of the Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association spoke on the shortage,

Christmas trees are a cyclical thing where they have to plant every single year. So if you plant 1,000 then 10 years later 1,000 will be ready, but if you lose some, then you’re not going to have those ready 10 years later.

This year Christmas trees will be in higher demand as Thanksgiving and Christmas falls a week closer together, but in spite of it all you shouldn't have a problem getting a Christmas tree this year.



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