A football season for two youth teams has been canceled due to parents getting into a fight during one of the games.  From CBS DFW the parents from the North Texas youth football team said their team is being treated unfair after a fight broke out between parents of both teams.

Video Source:  CBS DFW

The fight happened during a game played by 9 and 10 year olds when one of the players from the Farmers Branch Tigers gave a hard hit on a Carrollton Longhorns player which caused the father of the individual to become irate and charged the field and that’s when things took a turn for the worse.

Magali Reynoso was one of the parents who was in attendance and her son plays for the Tigers said the following

One of the parents on the long horns team comes to our side and starts arguing cursing at us wanting to know who the parent that hit is child was.

Reynoso also said the parent became upset and aggressive which officials called the police.  Footage was captured on a cell phone just before the fight started the parent took off his clothes, hit girls and pushing kids and things just got out of hand.

Freddy Wilson coach of the Tigers said the refs didn’t do enough to control the parent so they felt they needed to step in and the Carrollton Youth Football League disqualified both teams for the rest of the season.

Parents think they team is being treated unfairly and hopes they will change their mind and reverse their decision in the meantime the Tigers will continue to practice.

Carrollton Youth Football League as not available for comment.