I can't be the only person that feels like the 1990s were just a few years ago, but my gray hair quickly reminds me that it's been a lot longer than it feels. Living in the 1990s was a lot of fun, there wasn't as much technology which meant spending more time with people face to face, and not staring at screens as much. Although, we did often plan our schedule around our favorite shows on television as you couldn't record them back in the day. Going out to dinner has changed as well although many of the favorites from the 1990s are still around. 

Thinking back to the 1990s brings back so many great memories of a fun childhood but recently I asked Chat GPT or Artificial Intelligence to remind me of some of the most popular chain restaurants in Texas from the 1990s. I wanted to reminisce and was also just curious about how many of those restaurants are still around today. 

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Many of the Restaurants are Still Around 

While owning and managing restaurants and restaurant chains can be extremely difficult, many of the most popular dining options in the 1990s in Texas are still around today. In fact, many of them are still very popular. 

Let's Look at the 8 Most Popular Chains from the 1990s 

It's a blast from the past, let's look at the restaurants we all used to enjoy back in the day. And I'm curious if you still love these restaurants as much as you did back then. 

Popular Chain Restaurants in Texas in the 1990s

Let's look back at some of our favorite chain restaurants from back in the day.

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Looking through these celebrity-owned restaurants in Texas, there are at least 3 that I can't WAIT to try. But that's mostly because the food sounds amazing.

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