The year 2020 has been a rough one especially for the economy.

I have friends and loved ones who have experienced being furloughed from their job and left wondering when there next opportunity is going to come while trying to make ends meet.

Hopefully, this will give you or someone you know some relief as we prepare for the fall season many retailers are now planning on the Christmas holiday season and will need some extra bodies in place to prepare for the holiday rush. 

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Everybody knows during the Thanksgiving holiday that retail stores will be flooded with shoppers looking for the perfect gift for Christmas and they will be looking for a few good men and women to assist in making sure their shelves are fully stocked to meet your demand.

Whether you are out of a job, looking for some extra holiday cash or you have a college student home that could use some money this is the perfect opportunity that could give lead to some benefits, better pay, work flexible hours and could potentially lead to a full time position to put you in the Christmas spirit.

As we approach the final 100 days before Christmas many businesses will be looking for some extra hands on deck so get your resume ready, get dressed for success, and find your next job from these 10 businesses that are looking for employees during the Christmas holiday season per Dollar Sprout.

Good luck on your job hunt!


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