We LOVE To Be Number One In A Lot Of Categories In Texas But This Is One We Don't Need To Be At The Top Of The List For.

Tis the season for everyone to gather around the table and enjoy some Thanksgiving dinner.

But every year for some strange reason, especially in Texas, folks who think they know what they are doing or amateurs trying it for the first time, choose to attempt to "fry" their bird and as we all have seen over the years, with disastrous results.

Fire Departments All Across The State Are Warning Folks About The Dangers Of Grease Fires.

It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving in America without the annual "don't try this at home" demonstrations on how NOT to FRY a Turkey. Every year in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, fire departments all across Texas and the United States put on demonstrations on the dangers of putting "too much oil" or dropping a partially frozen turkey in a vat of boiling hot oil.

But Statistics (And Internet Videos) Show Us That Folks Still Don't Get It.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, more than 2,300 residential fires were reported each year on Thanksgiving Day between 2017 and 2019. And from 2006 to 2013, Texas ranked No. 1 for the most grease and cooking fires on Thanksgiving Day.

So leave the "frying" to the professionals, but if you HAVE TO DO IT follow these tips:

  • Don't Put Too Much Oil In The Fryer
  • Make Sure Turkey If FULLY THAWED Before Dropping In Oil.
  • Place Fryer A Far Enough Distance From Structures
  • Don't Use "Ice" or "Water" To "Cool It Off".
  • Don't Leave Your Fryer Unattended.

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