There are plenty of artists who started in the R&B and rap game at a young age and evolved into adult superstars at the peak of their careers.

Singers like Brandy, Omarion, Monica, Usher and even Solange started their careers in their teens and had to break out of the teeny-bopper mold with their mature music projects.

In rap, LL Cool J signed his first record deal with Def Jam when he was 16 years old. By the time he reached 18, he was a bonafide rap star. But the rap legend had to endure growing pains along with his success as well. Now he can boast about his longevity in rap as elder statesman (aka the GOAT).

So with our 15 All Grown Up Albums list, we are showcasing artists who have announced they are adults with their celebrated albums. Check it out below.

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