The State Fair Classic football game and Battle of the Bands is coming up on Saturday, March 13, and it's been a while since some of us have been out and about to a good old-fashioned HBCU matchup. By the way, you can win tickets with Melz on the M-I-C to the game between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. (Get details here.)

I remember heading to an HBCU homecoming when I was a teen. My father would always take me with him and I got a taste of the good life back in those days. It was like being at a family reunion at the homecoming parade or the big rival HBCU football game.

"Hey, how you doing? So good to see you again. How's your mama and 'nem?"

"Reesha, I remember when you were knee-high to a tadpole and now you're almost taller than your daddy!"

Those were the fun conversations I remember hearing.

In the late 80s and 90s, there was always somebody at the big game parking lot next to the t-shirt man who was selling fish fry plates out of the back of their trunk or underneath a canopy, with styrofoam boxes full of fish sandwiches on white bread, topped with hot sauce (Louisiana, of course), pickles, and sometimes a slice of cheese. Coleslaw and crinkle-cut fries would be the two sides you got with the meal. One year, somebody brought out the spaghetti meals-to-go! Good times!

Here are five (5) things I can almost bet the rent that you will see at the big game between Prairie View A&M and Grambling State:

1. Old majorettes tryna flex on the newly divorced single fathers. These dudes are still looking cute with all that gray hair in their beards, so I don't blame them one bit!

2. A bunch of Dru Hill groupies of all genders filming the concert on their cell phones. Hey, I'm gonna be on the lookout for my damn self! Their hit, "Tell Me", is my JAM! CAN I GET A DRU HILL SELFIE OR WHAT?!

3. The former Step Show alumni showing their grandkids and anybody else who is watching how they used to make it do what it do. The only thing different from their old routines is that now most of them have to do it with that one good leg they have left. Bonus points for fraternity brothers doing their secret Greek handshakes. Extra bonus points if you hear ladies doing a "Skee Wee!"

4. Aunties and grandmamas sneaking in extra snacks in their HUGE purses because the concession stand prices are too damn high. Bonus points if they bring condiments, napkins, and baby wipes.

5. Speaking of babies, you could play Slug Bug for every time you'll see one repping cute little Greek/Divine 9 onesies.

Since we're thinking about super cute onesies on babies, how about you let your itty bitty be fresh to deff with some 1073 KISS FM merch as seen here.

Reminisce with me by watching this video somebody filmed at the 2018 State Fair Classic. Oh, how times were different before COVID!

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