Today is Father's Day and I want to send a big salute to all the dad's holding it down for their families.

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However, if you aren't paying attention you will miss it because of the minimal recognition it get's through media and society.

Many of you have gotten the perfect tie or smell good, but I want to be very open and share with you it's not easy being a dad especially being African-American as a single parent.

We have struggles, fears, disappointments, and the way society looks at us makes us question our worth yet, you will never know it because we are prone to have our "S" on our chest and be the "Superman" you envision us to be.

Being a father is very difficult especially when some of us men didn't have the actual blueprint or model to look after so we do the best we can with trial and error and trust me I can attest that at times we wanted to QUIT and GIVE UP, but we STAYED!

So I just want to send this friendly reminder ladies that if you have or know that "GOOD MAN" in your child's life wether its their biological father, stepfather, boyfriend, or male figure and regardless if he took out the trash or not, got his degree or not, & even if he isn't everything you wanted him to be or not, YOU owe it to him to look directly in his eyes and say....."THANK YOU FOR STAYING!"

Happy Father's Day to all the dads who are holding it down you are definitely appreciated.

Enjoy these snap shots of me and my family along with some of my fellow co-workers as we recognize our fathers.

Happy Father's Day From Townsquare Media Tyler

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