The first day of school for Tyler and Longview lands on August 28. That means East Texas parents will soon be shopping for school supplies for their kiddos. As a parent myself, I am fully aware of how hectic it can be getting the kids ready for school while you still have all your day-to-day duties to deal with.

But there is something to make this chaotic time a little easier. What if I told you we found a 'cheat sheet' of where you can find the cheapest prices for the same school supplies across major retailers.

For example:

  • 1” Basic Binder:   $1.97 at Walmart | $2.49 at Target | $1.92 at Staples | $5.49 at Office Max
  • 1 ½” Durable Binder w/ Clear Cover:  $3.36 at Walmart | $3.35 at Target | $3.79 at Staples | $8.99 at Office Max
  • Crayola Crayons 8 Ct:  .87 at Walmart | $1.99 at Target | $1.00 at Staples | $2.99 at Office Max
  • #2 Pencils Wood:  20 Ct is .97 at Walmart | 24 Ct is $1.22 at Target | 12 Ct is $1.00 at Staples | 72 Ct is $4.00 at Office Max

There is an entire cheat sheet of this information found at Don't Waste Your Money with a blog called the Passionate Penny Pincher by Laurie Hise.

You can download the free copy of the cheat sheet right here.

Please keep in mind, there are weekly sales at these locations and the prices may vary a little during those periods but this cheat sheet will give you a general idea of where you can find the lowest prices. Also, take advantage of the Tax Free Weekend which is August 11-13 right before school starts for more savings.

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