Child birth is a wonderful experience especially for first time moms and dads.  However, as a parent our main concern is ensuring they're healthy during their beginning moments of their lives.

Now according to a new study it showed that Black newborn babies in the United States are more than likely to die at the hands of a white doctor per USA Today.

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The study published Monday (August 17th) from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences claims that Black babies die at three times the rate of white newborns during their initial hospital stay, but when they are cared for by Black doctors their mortality rate is actually cut in half.

George Mason University captured 1.8 million hospital births from Florida between 1992 and 2015 and found that the mortality rate of Black newborns have decreased between 39% and 58% when Black doctors oversaw the birth.

The study authors wrote in the report,

Strikingly, these effects appear to manifest more strongly in more complicated cases, and when hospitals deliver more Black newborns.  The findings suggest that Black physicians outperform their White colleagues when caring for Black newborns.

The researchers also added that reducing the racial disparities in newborn mortality will also require raising awareness among physicians, nurses, and hospital admins about the prevalence of racial and ethnic disparities.

To check out the entire report click here.

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