The year 2020 has already been for the most part, a sad year filled with tragedy and heartbreaking losses and the world of entertainment is reeling once again after it was confirmed that we lost another beloved movie star.

According to CNN, Actor and wrestler Thomas Lister Jr., mostly known as "Tiny", was found dead in his home on Thursday. He was 62 years old.

According to reports, Lister was experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and started feeling sick a week ago. His manager Cindy Cowan went on to say that Lister began cancelling work and acting gigs due to his symptoms then things "got really bad, really quick".

Cowan said that after Lister cancelled a Zoom Event he supposed to attend on Wednesday, her assistant went to Lister's house to check on him and family members began to call him on Wednesday to check on him but there was no response. A friend went to Lister's house on Thursday and when he didn't come to the door, police were called and that's when they discovered Lister was dead.

Best known as "Deebo" in Friday, Lister's career and star rose in the 80's when he was known as "Zeus" a wrestler who went on to star in "No Holds Barred" opposite Hulk Hogan. He's done hundreds of movies, TV shows and more in his career which he created playing tough intimidating but loveable bullies.

We send our heartfelt condolences to his family and fans.

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