It’s strange how uncomfortable it is when Walmart store employees ask you for your receipt when you’re leaving the store in Texas. So, I am the one who typically does the grocery shopping for our house. To be honest my wife gets annoyed going into Walmart for a variety of reasons so I have no problem knocking out the weekly chore. But even after I spend hundreds of dollars on groceries it’s weird when I get asked to show my receipt. When it comes down to it, are we required to show our receipt when leaving Walmart stores? 

I know that I am not the only person that gets annoyed with this issue. It was just a few years ago when we all started being asked to scan and bag our own groceries but now it feels like the stores don’t trust us to scan our items even though there are multiple security cameras on us while we are scanning and paying for our items. It’s just crazy how they expect us to do the work, but if we miss one item, we feel like we could be arrested.  

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Are You Required to Stop if an Employee Asks You for a Receipt? 

According to KHOU, you are NOT required to show your receipt when exiting a store in Texas. Although if they have probable cause (like you’re seen hiding an item in your clothing without paying), a store manager could detain you even if you don’t want to show your receipt. So, as long as you’re not stealing you have nothing to worry about.  

Can Any Stores in Texas Require You to Show Your Receipt? 

Yes, because Costco and Sam’s Club require memberships, they can legally require you to show a receipt when leaving the store.  

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