The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the travel industry in East Texas.

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One of the many things I wanted to do this year was to travel more.  I would usually make a trip back home to Chicago 3-5 times a year to check on my family and instead of driving nearly 2 hours to Dallas I would catch a flight from American Airlines at Tyler Regional Pounds to DFW, but apparently, that’s going to change as they are cutting flights amid COVID-19.

KLTV is reporting American Airlines will be reducing flights out of Tyler Regional Pounds because East Texans aren’t traveling as much and they aren’t alone.

Davis Dickson, Tyler Regional Pounds airport manager state that because of the “Stay at Home” orders they saw a decline in airport travel and it could hinder future opportunities for the airport, but remains optimistic American Airlines will resume services.

We would love to see them start resuming their service, and I would say that’s not impossible. In fact, we’ve kinda heard a little bit out there that it may be a possibility, so you know, I hope there’s news to come with that.

The news couldn’t come at a horrible time as in February Frontier Airlines reported they were suspending services from Tyler Regional Pounds by the end of April.

According to TSA, they have screened just under 100,000 travelers daily when at a time it was close to 2 million a year ago.

Hopefully when states including Texas lift the "Stay at Home" orders and allow businesses to open maybe we will see a rise in traveling.

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