The drug, Qnexa is up for approval by the FDA. Reports say that if approved, this will be the first new anti-obesity prescription drug since 1999! Other drugs never met the standards by the FDA because of their links to increased heart problems in patients. In an attempt to gain FDA approval back in 2010, the FDA gave Qnexa a "No". The new vote by the FDA is on April 17, 2012. This new drug could help so many people struggling with obesity finally slim down -- for good!The drug consists of two components: One promotes appetite suppressant drug, phentermine, and anti-seizure medication, topiramate. The drug is likely to get approval, but the FDA will demand a mandatory post-ingesting patient study and intensive heart monitoring. The FDA strongly wants these drugs to not cause heart palpitations or raise blood pressure, which would further most obese patient's health problems.

However, with all the good news, there is some bad. The drug, like most, does have some side effects such as: increased heart rate, kidney stones, memory loss, and birth defects. Physicians warn that if approved, this drug need to only be prescribed to patients who are truly obese.

Doctors world-wide are crossing their fingers in hopes that this drug will be approved and help reduce the obesity epidemic in the world. If approved, Qnexa could do just that!

Are you leery of new drugs that cause weight loss?

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