Totally uncalled for!

Aggravated assault charges will not be filed against a 10-year-old who injured a classmate in a game of dodgeball on school grounds.

According to NBC News, a Michigan prosecutor Kym L. Worthy dismissed the charges against Bryce Lindley for the April 29th incident.

I have no doubt that both families involved love their children and want the best for them. But I do think that there is a better way to go forward at this time.

Worthy also stated that she hopes both parties will come back to the table and workout a solution that will be best for both children involved.

Administration at Eriksson Elementary School suspended Bryce for the incident which later followed with assault charges.

His mom Cameishi Triplett Lindley went to Facebook and stated that she was told by the principal the injured boy suffered a concussion after being hit in the face with the ball, and also revealed that the boy had a pre-existing condition of a chronic brain stem infliction.

The injured boy's mother who remained unidentified said her son suffered a black eye and had a bruise on his nose.

Speaking as a parent and former dodgeball player, if you know your kid has a condition that will allow him to get injured the school should have knew about it and he shouldn't have been playing.

What do you think of aggravated assault charges being brought against this 10-year-old over a dodgeball injury?

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