If you've ever lost someone to a drunk driver you're going to love this news. According to 12 News, automobile manufacturers will soon have to install new technology that will be installed into vehicles to keep drunk people from getting behind the wheel. Let's be honest, this new technology can save lives so this is really great news.

This is all part of a 1 trillion dollar infrastructure package that President Joe Biden is expected to sign in the very near future. The money is supposed to improve auto safety while working to decrease road fatalities. While the exact technology hasn't been mentioned as far as how it will work, whatever it is should be expected in vehicles as early as 2026.

There Are Too Many Drunk Driving Deaths, This Should Help That Number Decrease

According to statistics there are approximately 10,000 people killed annually in alcohol related crashes in the U.S. Which is around 30% of all deaths on the road. Speeding and not wearing a seat belt also make up a large part of that number.

While I appreciate that automakers are doing something to help decrease this number, there has to be some personal accountability. Drinking and driving is not okay, ever, people need to understand that.

I Lost a Cousin to Drinking and Driving

While no one wants to talk about such a horrible topic, I'm not afraid to say what happened to my cousin. His father, my uncle, made a horrible decision to drive drunk and took the life of his son. While I don't have contact with him anymore, he survived the crash and has to live each day knowing that he killed his own son. Please, learn from his mistake, do not drink and drive.

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