Face it! Ladies love a well-groomed man especially if his facial hair is on point.  Most ladies can agree that a man with a groomed beard has sex appeal and gives off a certain edginess which makes him mysterious.

I'm apart of the #BeardGang movement and I even tease my web editor Jason aka  "Bearded Jason" about his villainous beard at times, but there is one former U.S. President that's got social media buzzing over his new 'altered beard'.

Former President Barack Obama really knows how to stay in the public eye even when it’s not political.  WHAS 11 reports the former president had social media on fire with a photo of him sporting a salt and pepper beard and had everybody thinking the former commander in chief joined the #BeardGang movement.  Ladies... don't get cut by Michelle for looking too hard at her man.

The thirst was real on social media people!  Just look at these tweets

Now I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the beard is indeed photo shopped and even the former president said in an interview in 2008 that he can’t even grow facial hair. However, ladies if you just can't get enough of Barack Obama and his fictional beard you can check out GQ's article on helping Barack Obama choose his retirement beard.

Long live the #BeardGang