Black Friday will get a day off this year as many retail stores are planning to closing for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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You can now add Best Buy to the list of growing list of companies who have decided to give employees a day off due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Buy released a statement announcing the change, but assured their customers they would continue to provide great service.

Although this holiday season may certainly look different, we’re ready to once again be there for our customers how, when and where they need us, during the most exciting time of the year.

As an alternative Best Buy will be enhancing the way they fulfill orders, offer convenient pickup options and make sure their orders arrive on time and even start having deals and offers early before the holiday season where you can shop online or their app.

Walmart and Sam's Club has lead the charge on closing their doors on Thanksgiving and Target along with Dick's Sporting Goods has followed their lead with the possibility of more stores to follow.

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday and by stores closing their doors due to the pandemic it just brings a bigger perspective on things that matter and being thankful in spite of the circumstances.

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