Uh-oh! Not again! With everyone talking about Beyonce's incredible Billboard Award Show performance, it has been brought up that her work is not original. Apparently it has been said that people have seen it before. Many people are noting that a similar performance in front of an interactive video screen was also done by Italian singer and actress named Lorella Cuccarini back in 2010!

According to reports, Italian dancer, singer and actress Lorella Cuccarini put on a very similar performance in 2010. Among the similarities? The large bird wings, the interactive screen (in which both ladies “play” with geometric shapes, like squares, circles and a spear), the multiplication of themselves to create an “army” of dancers, the use of rainbow colors, etc.

Concflicting reports say that the artist (Kenzo Digital) and production company (Tribe Inc Design) created the graphics and concept for both of these artist's performances. Beyonce could just be a victim of circumstance. However, Beyonce has been accused of being a copycat before.

Watch the video below! You tell us: Was this stealing or was Bey just using this for inspiration?