We have all done it before!

From dining at restaurants, visiting family during the holidays, and summertime barbecues we have all taken home leftovers with no problems.

However, the rules change when it comes to a wedding as one Pennsylvania bride let her wedding guests have it for loading up "10 Tupperware" containers with leftovers.

According to ABC 7 Chicago, the bride went on Facebook to vent her frustration by calling it "Wedding Shaming" as her dad friend asked could he bring his daughter and her husband to their small wedding which she agreed.

Everything was find until the invited guests brought in seven containers to take home food and three for desert, and to add insult to injury she took a couple of floral center pieces.

The wedding guest did leave a gift for the newlywed's which was a $5 bill!

Apparently the guest didn't have no financial problems according to the bride instead the guest wanted to bring food back for other family members.

Needless to say ladies and gentlemen if you ever decide to go to a wedding I advise you NOT TO TAKE TUPPERWARE!

You will look silly and be considered a freeloader.

Talk about tacky....




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